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A new concept in the online business world is that virtually any business wishing to succeed must promote key executives to the point where they are experts in the area of media placement. David Mayo, a business analyst who has reviewed hundreds of online businesses, has reached this conclusion after the careful analysis of hundreds of profitable internet businesses. Nashville, TN ( PRWEB ) April 28, 2008 — Any online business giving top priority to media placement develops a higher standard of business acumen within the internet business network. David Mayo, an expert analyst in the online business world, recently evaluated hundreds of online businesses and has given his professional opinion of internet businesses utilizing this principle as "the most successful in the world". Mayo states that such businesses are utilizing a Tip Sheet he formulated containing the one strategic element that leads to unequivocal business success. One of the Top Watchdogs in the Internet Industry has recently given businesses utilizing this strategy a 5 Star Rating for their efforts in developing the skills of those seeking to improve their business proficiency. read more

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