UPDATE: Microsoft, Yahoo Inch Closer To Deadline On Merger Talks – CNNMoney.com- Topic: BuildingWebsiteNews

Matt Rosoff of Directions on Microsoft , which monitors the software giant's strategy, echoed this view saying, "The threat to walk away could be more negotiation, it could be something where Microsoft walks away at first, and then comes back later with a lower bid. But Microsoft's strong hint that it may drop its Yahoo bid — and the company's pronouncement that it was prepared to build it online business organically — also added fuel to the debate on whether the deal makes sense for the tech giant in the first place. Rosoff sees the proposed Yahoo merger as a poorly considered move, bringing Microsoft too far into the online advertising business — a relatively new concept for a company built on designing software. Intraday data provided by ComStock , an Interactive Data Company and subject to the Terms of Use . read more

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